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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
Agreed. But humans make themselves self important and try to make themselves into demi-gods. Corruption follows when humans put themselves before a religous message, or docterine
...and that changes the message from benign to self interest.
What is it all for? They're supposed to be ministers. That means they impart assistance graciously. It should mean that as an organization that even in error you do what is right.

You know, it's the Catholic Church that gives religion a bad name. It's not just been here and now but for hundreds of years. They've done just the opposite of what Christ would have done, dominating man to his injury becoming steeped in politics, and compromising biblical principles, failing to follow the path of justice...

Every time I talk God I have to fight through the acts of the Catholic churchs who say they are working in behalf of God. Atheist treat all religions the same, throwing a blanket over all the organizations for that of I don't mind calling out the biggest problem child in the play ground. Notice how this isn't stopping, Notice how people ...look the other way. That disgust me the most. Nothing will ever change when you're looking away from the problem

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I have grown up in a Catholic environment and experienced nothing but warmth and love and I wouldn't hesitate one moment to send my kids into a Catholic kindergarten.
The problems of Rome are obvious and one cannot deny a potential connection between celibacy, sexual neuroses and sexual abuse ... but they hardly justify general Catholic bashing.
Jesus would never condone this "silly my church is better than your church" or "my religion is better than your religion" stuff.
If the criticism is too harsh then look the other way, Horatio.
Look the other way as children are used for sexual purposes.
Make light of it as offenders are hidden from justice.
That too has become tradition.

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