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Originally Posted by TheTrekkie View Post
It's the same problem with many religious organisation.
They misguide their people by equating their belief (God) with their organisation. Thus their memebers automatically do everything to protect their organisation.

However if you read the bible it must become quite clear that you can't find God in a building, an organisation or anything like that, but only inside yourself.

Unfortunatelly I haven't found any group, yet, who on the one hand rejects antiquated religious traditions (like having priests who stand above other believers) and on the other hand also negate their own importance as a group.
Often you only have the choice between strange religious traditions with a lot of hypocrisy and a huge power machine or non-denominational groups, who take themselves much too serious (probably because they have to separate themselves actively from the big churches to not become assimilated).
The God of the Bible would never condone this treatment for the sake of saving face. Instead of owning up to it or apologizing that easter speech was about making reply. It's a really bad organization religiously and legally, There is no way I'd leave my kids in their "care".

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