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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
Another thing that always sort of tripped me up was that line of Bones' in TUD where he's trying to save Chancellor Gorkon and he says he doesn't even know his anatomy. The Federation and Klingons fought a war that lasted decades and they certainly met face to face and captives were taken on both sides. I find it hard to believe the Feds wouldn't be familiar with Klingon anatomy. But that's scifi, there are plenty of inconsistencies all over Trek as many other franchises.
It's a little like in FF when Kirk tells McCoy and Spock he lost a brother once and they look surprised - despite being there when Kirk found his brother's dead body in 'Operation Annihilate'.

It doesn't even get rationalised by the fact that Kirk is talking about Spock because they should have assumed he meant George anyway.
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