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Originally Posted by Akula2ssn View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if what eventually happened was a Midway type invasion that went bad for the Romulans. Lost too many capitol ships in a single fleet action forcing them to call off the planned invasion. They might not have had the ability to replace the ships and crew lost in a reasonable amount of time and were forced to negotiate.
Agreed - a single incident or encounter could have done it. In fact, given the general Romulan ideology (which has sometimes favoured self-sacrifice if no victory is possible - BoT and Unification) then even one major defeat could have been enough to humiliate the Romulans so badly they never forgot it.

Maybe Earth gave them their first real defeat even.

Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
A small war wouldn't have led to the Federation agreeing to give up cloaking technology. It was a war that shaped the galaxy, I imagine it was a very large scale war. This is more a matter of different writers having different takes on it, and fans trying to reconcile the fact that Enterprise shows us a very different state of affairs than what Spock describes in TOS.
It depends on the importance ascribed to cloaking technology by the Federation and/or it's relative feasability at the time.

Yes, it's a strategic advantage and yes it's useful in combat but both of those run counter to the general (at least the 23rd anyway) approach Starfleet and Earth took to such matters at the time.

Although GR once made the joke that it was because the Federation 'doesn't sneak around' it was probably a joke with a grain of truth in it. Also, numeorus ways to circumvent cloaking technology have been developed, rendering it's overall effectiveness rather less absolute than it is in theory.

The upshot being of course - we just don't know!
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