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Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
I prefer Skull to Doom as well, but it's not by much. I also agree with the clearer story. One big issue though is the throwaway characters in Doom and Skull. I mean, Short Round and Capshaw are nuisances. Blanchett and LeBouf (even John Hurt and Karen Allen) portray forgettable characters. That takes away from those movies IMO.
I don't find (personally) Paul Freeman as Belloq or whomever played the businessman in Crusade any more memorable I have to say. Their respective demises, yep! But themselves thay are about as unmemorable to me as any of them. Though I have always quite enjoyed Capshaw - I found her amusing and I like Karen Allen as well.

The strength of Indiana Jones has really always been Ford. It all revolves around him anyway.
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