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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I tend to feel that ToD is - for some reason - more a collection of set pieces that don't really have a very strong story holding them together. I like the set pieces (the Shanghai opening, the plane escape, the mine car etc) but overall the film just lacks focus.

Crystal Skull is a little similar, whereas Ark and Crusade seem to have a clearer story - find the Ark, find the Holy Grail - and work better as films.

I still prefer Skull to Doom however for some reason. Maybe it's because I like the 1950s 'B' movie nods it's filled with a little better.
I prefer Skull to Doom as well, but it's not by much. I also agree with the clearer story. One big issue though is the throwaway characters in Doom and Skull. I mean, Short Round and Capshaw are nuisances. Blanchett and LeBouf (even John Hurt and Karen Allen) portray forgettable characters. That takes away from those movies IMO.
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