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Originally Posted by SJM View Post
I'm not sure I get what your saying, but those pictures on DrexFiles are of the same model used for the movies, just with different detail parts and paint job.

And your right, in those pictures it doesn't look like the Enterprise model is very pearly at all.

Thanks for linking them.
I think the pearlescence has a lot to do with lighting but certainly some of the pics on the Drexfiles page are of the pre-painted model. That's not really my point though.

What I'm saying is that the bridge area in the 5th picture down is different from the 3rd and 2nd from last pictures. Looks like they painted it up before changing the bridge module (as per my OP).

I'm just interested in finding out exactly when and why they changed it. I'm fascinated by the TMP model. It's one of the greatest studio miniatures ever built IMO.

Another pic of the 'Anomolyprise' here at MyStarTrekScrapbook:

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