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I just saw this ep. The other day and was thinking about making this thread. Anyway. I really didn't like him at all. I mean maybe I was meant to not like him but still thats not it. His command style is different yes we all agree on that. But it was more than that which made me think he was a bad captain. Like the fact that he thinks not only can he come onto a ship and think he knows everything and that his way is best and whatever he wants done needs done now. If I were him i'd come onto a ship that was not only the FLAGSHIP of the fleet and also obviously had the best CAPTAIN in the fleet or else they would have reassigned him long ago I would show some respect obviously they knew what they were doing because it worked! Now i'm not going to come on and not only talk down to the first officer who has been there for a long time and been offered many ships and decorated by Starfleet and call him a bad officer and say i don't have time to give him a chance. Obviously he doesn't need a chance he's proved himself over and over again. Not only that but he doesn't even take into consideration his opinion. He is more like "Oh well you had a three shift and it worked great for 5 years and changing it to a four shift would cause a lot of problems and make people who trusted eachother work with people they don't know and don't have faith that they would do there job. Well I don't give a S*** what you think I'm going to do it my way even if it screws up everything and gets us all killed in the end because it's my way and thats just how it's going to be" At least thats what i felt he was saying in those few words that he actually said.
Not only that but after he talked to Geordi and was like do all this stuff to the warp core in two days. And then Data was like it will take all your man power and working double shifts and all that. Later Geordi talks to Riker and says he re assigned a third of his department to Security. That makes sense oh you barely have enough people to "Get it done" now i'm going to take a third of them away from you and expect that you still "get it done" some how.
I think that not only was his command style different he was ignorant of what worked and only cared about himself and his way of doing things. It was pretty much "Well I really don't care that your stuff has been proven over and over again to work. I want to do things my way that doesn't make sense, makes people uneasy, makes people work with new people and people they don't necessarily trust as much, wears everyone out, doesn't listen to his officers, decides that ship design is messed up so he's going to redesign the ship himself, disrespects it's former captain, among other things i'm sure that I haven't mentioned.
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