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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
Ordering coffee in the U.S. is like asking a british cook for his most recommended meal - suicide in portions.
There are some Starbucks here in Berlin since a few years and the only people who go there are american tourists and teenagers.

As a german I am grateful to all the things the U.S. brought us over here (Rock'n'Roll, Democracy and Batman, just to name a few things). But american coffee? Thats like selling german fashion in Itally or turkish wine in France.
Same for Australia. There are a couple of starbucks style coffee shops but it's generaly accepted that they are for the undiscerning.

Coffee or cake as per the rest of the free world does not seem to be available in the U.S
I think though it is more for the business model. For example the rest of us would not even consider sitting down to a coffee in a paper cup but consider amongst the thousands of stores starbucks have the amount of cups that are not been washed.

That is a lot of money in wages that does not have to be paid to have someone wash up.

So the wages go to the minimal amount of work to get the coffee over the counter and money in the till. Very smart business if the market buy it but lower culture. What they have done is cover that up somewhat with great packaging and very cool store design.

I respect starbucks business wise but thank God for great coffee... and batman.

You will also notice that any time Americans talk of food the subject centres upon a franchise. That is their culture. Not saying that is wrong but when the rest of the world thinks of quality food a franchise does not come to mind.

For example here or anywhere in Europe you can get pizza that is nothing short of outstanding but an American tourist would wonder where all the pizza outlets were. The mindset goes to franchise and branding.

That's not a negative but an interesting difference in our cultures given that so much (of our culture) is the same.

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