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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
No, I'd watch BSG first. Caprica is a great show so far but there's nothing you need to know that Caprica sets up for BSG so I'd check out BSG first. I'd like to get that complete set on blu-ray! The Plan and also Razor are nice additions to the series also, which the latest set should include.

So far Caprica is shaping up to be damn good as well.
The first "complete series" set included "Razor" but not "The Plan." Both are included in the new set.

Originally Posted by chator View Post
There's no reason why you cann't watch both shows simultaneously. There's really no direct connection between the two shows. One doesn't lead to the other, or vice versa. The only character I've seen in both shows is William Adama. In BSG, he is a seasoned 50 year old veteran of the first cyclon war. In Caprica, he is just a 9 yr. old boy. In fact, the original 70s BSG has more in common with Moore's 2005 version of the series than Caprica does. In that some of the stories in the original BSG became story ideas in Moore's version of the series, and the two series cover the same ground.
That's what I meant to ask is if I could watch both simultaneously. I wasn't sure if there are any "spoilers" in Caprica that may make the experience of watching BSG for the first time less enjoyable. I'm looking forward to watching both of these shows. Thanks.
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