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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Before the war, humans (as well as Vulcan, Tellarites and Andorians) must have warp drive, otherwise they wouldn't know each other or be a danger to the Romulans.

Okay so the Federation had to exist right?
Because if there is a treaty then it must be with the organization that existed at the time...

But yes...they had to have warp speed...but not necessarily warp drive. Clearly the Romulans didn't have it because they still don't have it in Balance of Terror.

After the war, these four races found the Federation, implement defences among the neutral zone and explore space, so they use warp drive.
So the treaty is with Earth..
So for you who fought the war Earth against Romulus or the Four races vs Romulus?

Spock's lines suggest that in between, i.e. during the war, technology is simpler. Yet humans have warp capability. So it has to be a free choice of a simpler technology, e.g. impulse ships with H-bombs instead of warp ships with photon torpedoes. Why?
The only reason I can imagine is that the war is, as you described, pretty ugly and bloody such that cheaper/faster to produce ships and weapons are chosen.
So...scarcity of antimatter for instance and the relevance of Hydrogen and Deuterium?

So that means that the advanced ships were either destroyed at the outset like Columbia and Enterprise or rendered inoperable by the lack of said resources?

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