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Originally Posted by TheTrekkie View Post
Bad excuse.
Most of these drivers are professionals.
When not only one or two, but dozends of professional sportsmen crash, who all qualified for olympia, (and not only countries like Jamaica, but also big winter sport countries like Russia or the USA) it's a strong hint that the construction was a failure.

It's quite clear what the constructors intended. Instead of talking to real sportsmen who know what a good run looks like, these people in their ivory tower wanted to build the fastest of the fastest of the fastest of the fastest runs, no matter if you endager the drivers or not.
Here is an article about it.

Originally Posted by TheTrekkie View Post

I bet Canada would win.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by MagaditH View Post
Canada may have got the gold in Hockey but the USA owns the medal count.
Also correct and congratulations to the USA for their achievement. For a country with a population of 34 million people Canada did pretty well earning the 3rd position in the overall medal count and the most gold medals of the competition.

Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
My hat is off to Canada for that hockey game, that was a great game. Congrats guys, you deserve it. USA fought back tough in the end but it wasn't enough.
It was an extremly close game and could have gone either way. The suspense and intensity I and I'm sure many others on both sides of the boarder felt made the game worthly of an Olympic gold medal final. Zach Parise's goal scilenced the bar I was watching the game at and I'm sure the rest of Canada but Sidney Crosby's story book ending will be remebered for a long time to come. Like I said in my earlier post it was really nice to see Canadians passionate about their country running threw the streets, flags waving and it was also nice to get the double gold for hockey on our own soil or ice in this case. You guys have seen the back of Canadian $5 bill, right?:

EDIT: The picture I linked earlier didn't work properly. The image above is from the Bank of Canada.

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