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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
Nodar Kumaritashvili death was an unfortunate accident. All the crashes were due to driver error.
Bad excuse.
Most of these drivers are professionals.
When not only one or two, but dozends of professional sportsmen crash, who all qualified for olympia, (and not only countries like Jamaica, but also big winter sport countries like Russia or the USA) it's a strong hint that the construction was a failure.

It's quite clear what the constructors intended. Instead of talking to real sportsmen who know what a good run looks like, these people in their ivory tower wanted to build the fastest of the fastest of the fastest of the fastest runs, no matter if you endager the drivers or not.

Women: 2-0 Canada vs. USA=Gold
Men: 3-2 Canada vs. USA=Gold

Double Gold for Canada!

I bet Canada would win.
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