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Originally Posted by TheTrekkie View Post
I wonder who constructed the bobsleigh run.
It became more of a survival training than a sport, one crash after the other and one dying in a training run shortly before the olympic games began.
Nodar Kumaritashvili death was an unfortunate accident. All the crashes were due to driver error.

Originally Posted by TNG_Trekman View Post
I'm living in the middle of all the excitement!

William Shatner gave a presentation and song at the closing ceremonies!

The greatest Starfleet Canadian! BOO YAAA!
It must have been a hell of a great two weeks out there. The Americans never seem to be lacking in their passion and unity and I have to say I admire that about them. In Canada or at least in Toronto (maybe it's a big city thing) it seems we due lack that passion and unity at times so it's was really nice to see Canadians running threw the streets of Toronto with flags decked out in red and white and singing our national anthem with pride. Unfortunately I missed the closing ceremonies because I went to celebrate our victory with Rain but I'm sure I will be able to find a copy of it somewhere. The Shat is a funny dude.

Originally Posted by MagaditH View Post
Shatner was born in Canada. Kirk was born in Iowa (or on the Kelvin how ever you want to look at it).
You are correct. Hockey is still Canada's game though!
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