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Originally Posted by That Metal Beastie View Post
Yeah. Great, great show so far!
One of the things that I really loved about BSG the fact that the 'good guys', the humans, were polytheistic and the 'bad guys', the Cylons, believed in a "one true God". Subversive, to say the least! Now finding out about the origins of that monotheism, (had to rewrite this as to not spoil for those who haven't seen the show yet!) is making for some excellent science fiction!

I wonder if Glen Larson is at all jealous of how his concept has developed. I know he's making money from all of the BSG and now Caprica stuff, rightfully so, but it's gone so far beyond what he created. Oh for the day when the Star Trek Universe is expanded and explored in such a creative fashion! JJ's Trek could be the start of that but maybe someday in the future Ronald D. Moore will come back to Star Trek and be given the freedom to boldly go!
One of things that struck me about Moore's approach to BSG, even in some of the interviews he gave about it, was how intentionally different he intended to make it from Star Trek's approach to sci-fi storytelling. I don't think he would ever go back to Star Trek, he's definately moving away from the space opera approach with Caprica, and even did a little of that in BSG, during the New Caprica episodes.

I'm not exactly sure what kind of religious/cultural statement Moore is intending to make with Caprica. I never really understood the Cylon-God idea either.
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