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Originally Posted by vuedoc View Post
I'm not one to argue about any type of sex in a show, but I remember the irst time I saw the decon-chamber scene and thought "WTF?" I'll tell you what though, it was great foreshadowing.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Trip and T'Pol "do it" just once, apart from the E2 storyline?

Trekman- Agree with the Augments arc. Spiner was awesome in those shows.
I'm pretty sure it was just the once, though they kissed several times I think. The Augment trilogy was great, amongst other things it was cool to see an Earth research station.

I agree with you there about the decon chamber, my dad came in when I watching that scene when it first aired and he thought I was watching some porn ...great timing.
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