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Originally Posted by spock84 View Post
Personally, I'm very angry at South Park and the people who think it's better than Family Guy. They must be punished and the show must die, because it's not cool to watch a series where one of the boys thinks it's okay to discriminate the Jews just because Hitler did it, and he was sicker than John Hinkley.
That show makes fun of everybody, regardless of race, religion/cults (just ask Scientologist Isaac Hayes, oh...wait...he's dead), color, creed, sexual preference, or just general jackassery.

I think it's downright funny, and it's been around for years. Highly doubt it's going away anytime soon.

Best thing to do....don't watch.

Hell, Family Guy had a banned episode ("When You Wish Upon A Weinstein") because the Jewish community in general thought it was an offensive episode. And that show makes fun of everybody too.

Besides, none of it (South Park or Family Guy) is real. If we were to quantify South Park in realistic terms, then fine, Eric Cartman (fatass to everyone else) is a misguided little boy who just needs to be made to understand that Jewish folk are generally good folk, and that Hitler was a bad man who did horrible things to those people. Unfortunately, Cartman is raised by a single mom who is an airheaded ***** who doesn't know the first thing about what her son is up to. Fortunately, Cartman does have Kyle, Stan, Kenny (is he still around?), and Butters to keep him in line...even though they have the roughest time doing it.

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