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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Ok,, if you can remember, where exactly was it in those stories where the movies started going south for you?

Let's see, mine was BATMAN BEGINS. I can't pinpoint an exact scene, the whole thing just felt all wrong. The music, the mood, the acting, the dialogue, it was all messed up. To be blunt, I had loved all three of the previous Batman films prior to Batman and Robin, and I thought that they didn't need a reboot, they just needed to make a better new film in the same franchise.

I guess it is that for all the preaching in the film about "Batman is a symbol", BATMAN BEGINS did everything to contradict that very statement. In contrast, I found that the first three Batman films did a far better job of depicting Batman as a legend and an iconic figure, someone who was "more than just a man". BATMAN BEGINS, Batman was too human. He was no longer an icon, or a symbol. It is the symbol that attracted me to the franchise, and I lost that sense that this was a legendary figure, not just a man.
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