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Dreamcatcher -
(which I have to say I wasn't keen on anyway but agreed to go to).

First, the depictions of Damian Lewis's internal brain as a big warehouse with labelled boxes equalling thoughts was idiotic. Then the worst screen performance ever by Morgan Freeman was testing my patience (this was by the time the guys were out in the woods). One of them gets taken over (I think, it was 2003 after all) and Tom Jane's character is out in the woods. He 'senses' (because they all have a link somehow) the other character is coming and then looks and goes to himself 'but you're not.....'

Ludicrous crap - I actually did stand up and walk out the cinema at that point. I have never seen another frame of that film.

Also -

The Matrix - Emperor's new clothing. Nothing actually remotely new, just dazzled up with fancy groundbreaking effects to disguise the fact that it's empty. And the Wachowski's knew that from the start.

G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Well, the opening scene with the guys ancestor was a pretty bad omen. So I just treated the rest as an out and out comedy. It was a good laugh all round.
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