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Originally Posted by TNG_Trekman View Post
Something's gotta be done about the ratings. I blame, yet again, SyFy for their marketing of the show. They've inadvertently made it appeal to only BSG fans by advertising it as a prequel. I know that's what it is, but when you watch it it's nothing like BSG. So SyFy could of gotten away with advertising it as a separate show entirely. BSG fans would of known and could of tuned in regardless. But opening the show to a new audience is tough when they think they need to know the universe. I also wish that NBC/Universal would of chose to air it on network TV, not cable. It's not like NBC has a hit line up of shows it needs to worry about. Why not put Caprica on a better time slot than Friday nights. (Where shows go to die) and have it on network.
Glad to know it's not at all like BSG. Even though I hated BSG, I thought Caprica looked cool but I was afraid it would be similar to its predecessor.
I think I might give it a shot after all, especially since there's a blatant lack of good scifi series these days.

And by the way, Friday nights is always where SyFy puts its best series and they don't usually suffer because of it. Stargate Atlantis had a five year run on Fridays and I'm not sure it would have done so much better on any other day of the week. And now they have SGU which seems to be doing quite fine as well. As a matter of fact, Friday nights are about the only slot during the week when there's barely any competition from the all the other networks, especially the big ones.
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