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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
True - TNG was my first series and still the one I love the most. DS9 is my favourite complete series, but TNG is the one I love first and foremost!

Although I have to be contrary and say that re Dan Brown, my favourite is actually Angels and Demons, which was the second book that I read.

And, I have to say - having just given my copy away to a charity swap in work after barely being able to get through it once - I would say you are not missing much when it comes to The Lost Symbol!
That's exactly what I did with Dan Brown's books, and I also found Angels and Demons the best of the first four. Shame you say the new book isn't very good, was looking forward to getting round to reading that.

TNG I find the best but it comes across very dated now in a lot of ways compared to DS9 and VOY, It would be interesting if you showed someone who had never seen and epiosde of TNG, DS9 and VOY and showed them a good episode from each series and asked them which one they liked the most.
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