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Originally Posted by starwarsrcks View Post
Was it because of what I have done that you have decided to leave and focus more on your forum Janeway72 just wondering I am over there on your forum as well chriskirkgeek my username is .
No Starwarsrcks it was not because of you. The nonsense a few months ago just showed me that a forum really needs to be moderated. Half the problem with that time was that no-one was there to shut down duplicate or nonsense threads. I don;t actually think it matters who the moderator is as long as the place is moderated. Even to sort out silly mistakes like typos in thread headings. Although I knew you were Chriskirkgeek, I have no problems with your contributions on the forum. Your contributions are more than welcome as are you.

NCC - you are most welcome too. The moderation is making all the difference.

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