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Unhappy So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehn, Goodbye!!!!

Having realised I have to get back to my life and my work and can't spend my entire time on Star Trek Forums, I've made the sad decision to concentrate on the new forum. It's taking more and more time since it continues to grow and is much busier than over here.

I'm really going to miss the banter and the heated discussions that have happened so often over here. I have very fond memories of you all and you are more than welcome to come and visit or join Startrekkers.

Even as I'm writing this I feel that I really don;t want to leave but I guess all good things....etc.

Live Long and Prosper good buddies and I hope to see you elsewhere in cyberspace.

"Unless you have something a little bigger in your torpedo tubes, I'm not turning around!"
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