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Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
Voyager was the first Star Trek series that I saw all the way through. (Actually it is the only one I have seen every episode of.) I agree with many of the points made here except, I think Voyager got better and better. it lost it's way a bit in Season 6 with a few pretty lame episodes but in general, I think from Season 4 onwards it was great. I also have to say that Season 1 was fantastic too.
I think that's actually a very noteworthy observation - that VOY was your first fully viewed Trek series.

I can see how it would have a potential impact on appraisal.

Myself (and I think some others who view it less favourably as a series) came to it after having seen TOS, TNG and DS9 (if not perhaps in that order), so for me, it was my fourth Trek series to get into and that's why many of the criticisms levelled at it apply.

I was (we were) so familiar already with what so much of VOY did that it had lost all sense of freshness and newness, and was more a well-oiled, formatted to series style of TV show. Some of the ideas and plots we were seeing for the umpteenth time.

But viewers like you haven't seen that. It was new to you and the perception obviously will differ because of that.

It's even possible you may have the reverse experience and by the time you hit TNG will be going 'I've seen this kinda story already - boring!' etc.
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