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Voyager was the first Star Trek series that I saw all the way through. (Actually it is the only one I have seen every episode of.) I agree with many of the points made here except, I think Voyager got better and better. it lost it's way a bit in Season 6 with a few pretty lame episodes but in general, I think from Season 4 onwards it was great. I also have to say that Season 1 was fantastic too.

I thought the Kazon were a pretty rubbish enemy. i never took them seriously... maybe because they looked like the Oompa Loompa's in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. People often say there was not much discord between the two crews and to a point that is fair. Though they had Seska, the guy who helped Seska once she had defected, the 3 crewmembers who had to be retrained by Tuvok, Suder becoming a murderer and episode 2 when B'Elanna and Janeway went head to head. Had it just been in-fighting, many would have criticised it.

I agree that they didn't really explore the idea of food and fuel shortage and the ship seemed to be a self-fixing creation. Apart from in Year Of Hell, it never really suffered any damage that lasted more than an episode. Even at the end of The Killing Game, Janeway's log states that the ship is very badly damaged, yet they are walking down a corridor near the cargo bay that had absolutely no damage whatsoever.

Maybe because I haven't seen all of TNG, I do not think they over-used the Borg. I thought Seven of Nine was a great character. Though I would have preferred her to take a few more episodes to accept her fate on Voyager and become a "babe."

So to sum up. I think Voyager improved from the end of Season 3 onwards.

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