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I think it's well known that VOY is by far my least favourite piece of series Trek but I have to agree that 'jumping the shark' was not it's problem.

(though I kind of agree with Moore's 'let'g go get borgified like it's nothing' Unimatrix Zero episode. After the trauma that Picard was shown to have gone through it really quite trivialised the horror of the initial idea of being consumed by them - the Doctor's ability to restore them notwithstanding).

It was a combination of all the excellent points that have already been made by most everybody else.

For me, I actually enjoyed the first couple seasons. It was strictly following the established TV Trek format by that point - Delta Quadrant gimmick notwithstanding - and was nothing special but it was enjoyable enough.

But ultimately it just became a collection of old ideas, styles that seemed ill thought out. Strand the ship, but don't really show the resource and psychological problems that could ensue. Don't really seriously go down the route of fuel and food shortages - it's all been said, no point restating it.

Plus, I was into darker and gritty Trek by then with DS9 - so on a personal level the whole thing was just too flimsy and lightweight in comparison.

But great points everyone!
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