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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
Yeah the pilot was great, but then in the first season, that's pretty much it, everything else was bland and unimaginative, the only episode that sticks out for me is Eye of the Needle, and that resorts to falling back on an already established alien species. Voyager all too often fell back on tried and tested star trek themes and plot devices, many episodes you could cut and paste straight onto TNG, where the episode would probably have been better due to caring more about the characters. Kes was definitely a wasted character and the Marquis were wasted too... massive shame really.
I don't quite agree: I actually really like much of Voyager's first season. There were some great ideas: the Vidiians were a great invention until Lifesigns pulled their teeth in the 2nd season - even though Deadlock was great, I couldn't take them seriously as a threat after that. Unfortunately we didn't see enough of them - about four episodes all told, which was a real shame. They were far more interesting than the Kazon, but Seska's defection meant that the Kazon 'arc' was dragged out interminably: the only really interesting Kazon episodes were in season 2: Initiations (a rarity: a really nicely done Chakotay episode!) and the fantastic Alliances, which was a great deal of fun - I actually wish we'd seen more of the Trabe after that.

Yes, the Maquis 'conflict' was dealt with far too quickly in many ways, although I liked that the writers dealt with it head-on with Learning Curve: after the events of that episode, I'm not surprised that the few remaining Maquis (about 30-odd, if I remember my numbers) began to toe the line and settle into their new positions. Perhaps the writers' only real mistake there was making Learning Curve so soon - maybe it would have been a better idea to make that in late season 2 or even early season 3, after the events of the Basics two-parter, when it was clearly illustrated that Janeway had really become popular with the whole crew.

My only complaint about season 1 really is that there were a hell of a lot of spatial anomalies... Still, we were in the Delta quadrant and those episodes did help give the impression to the viewer that things were weird and different out there!

Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
Just to clarify though, I do like Voyager despite my criticisms here, I think it had shaky beginnings like all the other shows, peaked in seasons 4 and 5 then sadly dropped again, similar pattern to TNG really, just never peaking as high.
I have to agree with pretty much all of that, though I actually think Voyager had a slightly better final season than TNG did. Both series definitely peaked around the 4th & 5th seasons, IMO.
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