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Originally Posted by Dominus of Megadeus View Post
I agree with you and with ZIM. The deck is more than just the bridge. It is the "Command Deck" with the "Bridge" (I wish they called it a CIC! Love that parlance!) being at the fore. Now, if ANYTHING, there may be a connection to the Impulse Drive Control Room, but the Engineering Deck (or, as ZIM may call it, "Bud Central") is too big to be a part of that upper deck.
"Bud Central"! I love it!!!

Ensign Ricky! Go check the dilithium chamber! And while you're at it, bring me back a mug o' ButtWidener!!

Originally Posted by Dominus of Megadeus View Post
Great points/suppositions! I LOVE the idea of Bridge being sealed off from visiting dignitaries and seperate conference rooms on either side of the command deck "dome". What really would clear this up is a tech book on the New Enterprise. Come on, Paramount? Are ya listening? We're eager to help the economy move along by SPENDING, so supply to meet our demand! Even ZIM, who doesn't like the look of the ship, MIGHT be interested in a tech manual! (I said "might", buddy! )
Yeah. I would actually like to see a tech manual for the Abramsprise. The problem is, I don't think we'll get one any time soon. I don't think they actually thought about what they were doing when they designed the ship and sets. It's going to be difficult to do a tech manual that lines up with the discrepancies in size and visuals as seen on screen. But I look forward to their attempt nevertheless.

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