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I do not really regard each series as being separate, so I cannot speak strictly for VOYAGER, since I view it as merely one part of a single huge series that aired for 40 years straight. So I must say that VOYAGER suffered from having been released after Star Trek AS A WHOLE jumped the shark, which I would say started with the first season of Deep Space Nine. Star Trek on TV was all downhill from roughly 1994-2005. After TNG went off the air, I concentrated on the movies, which even still sucked with the sole exception of FIRST CONTACT. And while I loved Enterprise, it was a massive failure. This new STAR TREK movie is the highest point that Star Trek as a whole has reached since TNG went off air.

Back on topic, though, VOYAGER, like Enterprise after it, suffered from being released during the wake left behind from Deep Space Nine. For that, I find it blameless.
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