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Originally Posted by Dominus of Megadeus View Post
Good point. In my viewpoint, World War II was really a continuation of World War I--a pick up on issues not totally resolved, then twisted by a truly evil, twisted mind. I was propose that the Eugenics War and World War III are really one in the same, separated by a two or three year cessation in hostility. Perhaps World War III began due to hostilities of one nation's quest to build "the perfect solider and citizen" and another's resistance to that quest. The world's nations are extremely advanced in technology--and even on the cusp of cracking the equation for faster-than-light travel, only to be set back by the catastrophic effects of global war.

Deliciously dark and a tale timely...Medical and technology ethics...Socio-political discourse...This would be a most fascinating chapter in Trek to explore. I know that Mr. Roddenberry's desire was to show that human beings finally moved past their dark nature, but it is still worth exploring the depths that human depravity can go...If that is even POSSIBLE to imagine!
Precisely, the two wars seem interconnected. Fragile alliances caused WWI and probably also caused WWIII, but just like the underlying issue in the early 20th century has been the ideologies of communism and fascism and its destabilizing effects, the ideology of the late 20th / early 21st century in Trek's fictional history seems to be genetics, creating the perfect human, the uberman. Or in other words, a different incarnation of fascism.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
That's the main issue - in Trek the 'hell' has never been depicted at all, only talked about by characters. FC doesn't count because we actually saw nothing of the actual devastation.

Is there value in showing it in 'Saving Private Ryan' detail?

Maybe, if it's doing something akin to BSG and relating it to the contemporary issues today. But again, that's a radical departure from the normal Trek proposition and would not be to every fans cup of tea.

The darkness of DS9 is already disavowed by some as being the very opposite of what Roddenberry wanted to depict. A series set in this time period may well get the same reaction.
No, we don't need to see the details. It wouldn't be appropriate for Trek and one can be well aware of Kirk's trauma on Tarsus IV without having seen the mass-executions on-screen, one can be very well aware of the horrors of the Third World War by seeing a bunch of people living in poverty, one can be very well aware of Khan's rule on Earth after having seen Space Seed.

But we need this kind of indirect dark stuff in Trek, it often leads good stories. Conscience of the King, Space Seed and Wrath of Khan in TOS, Encounter at Farpoint and First Contact in TNG, Demons and Terra Prime in ENT ... memorable stuff.
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