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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
I see it this way: TOS is part of TREK. TREK had thrumming warp cores. Even ENT's engine was a version of a thrumming warp core. ENT predates TOS in the Trek universe.... So there is nothing consistent about NuTrek's engine room. I know this little nit-pick, maybe "pet peeve", of mine does not effect the overall story, but in regards to feeling like I was watching "trek"... it goes a long way. I was actually surprised when I realized how this sort of thing bothered me.
I think we all have pet peeves and things that bother is more than others, but then sometimes it's hard to get bothered oneself by the things that do bother others.

For me, the warp core is one of them. It's just a non-issue for me.
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