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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Yeah, I have to be honest and just say that the lack of a thrumming warp core really is not significant personally - especially when not having one is actually consistent with TOS.

Of course, the TOS Warp core was also completely different visually from all the other engine rooms so maybe that had a part to play in the thrumming.

I mean, to an extent you can't use what shows like TNG etc established because by going back to the TOS time frame you're going back to a period before anything from these series were established anyway.

The film is about TOS - not the later shows.
I see it this way: TOS is part of TREK. TREK had thrumming warp cores. Even ENT's engine was a version of a thrumming warp core. ENT predates TOS in the Trek universe.... So there is nothing consistent about NuTrek's engine room. I know this little nit-pick, maybe "pet peeve", of mine does not effect the overall story, but in regards to feeling like I was watching "trek"... it goes a long way. I was actually surprised when I realized how this sort of thing bothered me.
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