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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
The Eugenics Wars and the Third World War haven't been portrayed directly in Trek, this would be pretty dark and gritty. But the indirect use of them as a background for characters like Khan, Cochrane or General Green (who again has had an impact upon Kodos and Paxton) has lead to quite interesting stories IMO which often followed the pattern from Encounter at Farpoint: this is our ugly past but we have evolved yet sometimes the demons from our past reappear.
I like such stories (another example would be TNG's Drumhead) which point put how thin the layer of civilization is, how quick decades or centuries of progress can be undone.

Good point. In my viewpoint, World War II was really a continuation of World War I--a pick up on issues not totally resolved, then twisted by a truly evil, twisted mind. I was propose that the Eugenics War and World War III are really one in the same, separated by a two or three year cessation in hostility. Perhaps World War III began due to hostilities of one nation's quest to build "the perfect solider and citizen" and another's resistance to that quest. The world's nations are extremely advanced in technology--and even on the cusp of cracking the equation for faster-than-light travel, only to be set back by the catastrophic effects of global war.

Deliciously dark and a tale timely...Medical and technology ethics...Socio-political discourse...This would be a most fascinating chapter in Trek to explore. I know that Mr. Roddenberry's desire was to show that human beings finally moved past their dark nature, but it is still worth exploring the depths that human depravity can go...If that is even POSSIBLE to imagine!
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