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Originally Posted by starwarsrcks View Post
well off course he's entitled to his opinion but I have to disagree NuTrek should have got more nominations after all it did bring Trek back from the dead

GAAAAAAAAAAAG...GAAG....coughcough... was reflex reaction.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post

At which point I'm forced to point out the obvious - no Star Trek movie has been nominated in such categories period.
Doesn't matter.
This is about this movie. No one that isn't a slacker sets goals by failures.

Originally Posted by OneBuckFilms View Post
I will say this though, Star Trek was shafted in many areas, specifically in the Score and Production Design categories.

It also deserves best picture more than The Blind Side, if the 58% rating on RT is accurate about the movie's merits is correct.
nah...the score wasn't special it was repeative. I haven't heard a good Star Trek score since TUC. I haven't heard a good score period since The Day After Tomorrow.

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