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Originally Posted by JamesTKirk1701 View Post
There are two kinds of scifi, the kind that hollywood likes(aka lame kind) and the kind the rest of the public likes. Now if you wanna believe the media when they say district 9 and avatar are good that's your choice but they are often wrong.
I've seen, and can vouch for, District 9. It is an excellent movie with an unlikely hero in Wikus, and has something to say about Apartheid, with very well realized Aliens in the "prawns". Of the Sci-Fi nominations, I believe this should win.

Avatar is entertaining, with a clunky story, but amazing visuals. From a technological perspective, it deserves to be there.

As a movie? It was merely okay.

Still, it is not an aversion to Sci-Fi.

You are absolutely right to say the Academy has a history of getting it wrong, as the Best Score for 1979 went to "A Little Romance" rather than Alien or Star Trek: The Motion Picutre (infinately better scores by Jerry Goldsmith).
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