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Not to offend any of you nexgenners (and I say nexgenners with as much disdain as I can jk ) This is TOS era. Please please please, no nexgen cameos or references. I know its to late for this movie. But the rest please no.

Lets just let it all be about the original crew. If all they plan on doing is 3 movies for this installment then, and only then at the end of the 3rd movie I will allow (notice my assuming of authority over making decisions here ) a transition scene for nexgen so that there is a possibility of a series of nexgen movies. Although I would much rather have a whole new direction, somthing like the SCE Star Trek books. (actually I want SCE for a TV series leading up to movies)

If you dont know what SCE is, check them out. Its a series of Star Trek books based on the Corps of Engineers. Great series.
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