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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
Hamlet was one play written by Shakespear. It was done in the written word. It can, has, and will be interpreted in the way the actor portraying the role wishes. Because there is no original template to compare it to since the character was written on paper.

Star Trek, on the other hand, is in the visual realm. We have 79 episodes and 6 movies depicting these characters as they were created to be. We can actually see the original versions of these characters as they were created by the talented actors who portrayed them.

In the case of Kirk, Shatner is Kirk. His mannerisms and acting style has defined Captain James T. Kirk for 40+ years. I had absolutely no expectations that Pine would emulate Shatner. And I really didn't want him to. Knowing that this was an alternate reality version of the real Captain James T. Kirk made it a given that Pine wouldn't play the part as if he were the original. The last scene was kind of an easter egg to us TOS fans because there was that itty bitty bit of the real Kirk in there. It was actually pretty cool.
So you are saying that only at the end he was the real Kirk, Pine was absolutely wonderful as a young Captain Kirk in my opinion.

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