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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Does she make you horny and do you just wanna screw her? Nothing wrong with that, just be honest to yourself (and her).
Or is she a great person, do you have common interests, a basis for a relationship? A fairly important question, I personally couldn't imagine to be together with a seventeen year old. Too immature.
Then you might tell her what you want and ask her what she wants. Might be more productive than talking with other persons about a matter which is entirely between you and her.
No, my physiological reactions when she's on my lap are just supporting the idea that it could work. I don't wanna screw around. She's in command when it comes to that because she's younger.
We are getting to know each other. She kissed me right in the middle of a sentence and we snuggled around in her bed. She introduced me to her parents and brothers as "my boyfriend".
She writes me a lot and calls me sweet names

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I think it's time for a sit down conversation about what she's actually looking for and if there's yet more mixed signals I would tend to draw back and put some space down. If she becomes clearer then you can take it from there.
She wrote some heavy suggestions... multiple techniques

Originally Posted by vuedoc View Post
NCC, I agree that you seem to be a great catch for anyone, but there is nothing wrong with experience within a relationship, even one that may appear emotionally abusive. Yeah, I've had that one too. I think it is a fundamental concept that we have to know what something bad is before we can really appreciate something good. Whatever the outcome here, you will have learned from it and this experience can be applied to the next situation, whenever it comes up.
This all reminds me- in Med school I had a crush on a girl in the class below me. I'd be speaking to her on the phone and I hear buzzing in the background, and I'd ask her if she was shaving or something, and she'd reply, "Not exactly..." and just proceed carrying on the conversation. Well, after she got all my class notes from me she admitted having a boyfriend back home. Come to think if it, I saw her on JDATE a number of years back. I sent her a friendly note but got nothing back... again. I just have to laugh at things like this today.
Whatever we'll give to each other is better than nothing. She never found the one and I never found the one. Now we have each other.
The thing is, she has more of a crush on me than I have on her.
I can't say I love her. That may develop, but it also may not.

Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
I just want to say that considering this is a Star Trek board, you have been given very good advice so far. Maybe not all ST fans are like Sheldon after all
Agreed!!! Your insights are very helpful!

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