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Originally Posted by MagaditH View Post
I'm not trying to be rude, but I just can't help myself... You're asking for girl advice on a Star Trek board.

Thank you, Magadit- I needed a laugh like that!

I have known many girls who have sent mixed messages and it usually indicates that they are unsure themselves what they really want, but having the upper hand in the relationship seems to make them more comfortable, so they continue this behaviour. The teenaged girls I've known are either caught up in a farytale romance or are like NCC's friend, so her actions don't surprise me a bit.

NCC, I agree that you seem to be a great catch for anyone, but there is nothing wrong with experience within a relationship, even one that may appear emotionally abusive. Yeah, I've had that one too. I think it is a fundamental concept that we have to know what something bad is before we can really appreciate something good. Whatever the outcome here, you will have learned from it and this experience can be applied to the next situation, whenever it comes up.

This all reminds me- in Med school I had a crush on a girl in the class below me. I'd be speaking to her on the phone and I hear buzzing in the background, and I'd ask her if she was shaving or something, and she'd reply, "Not exactly..." and just proceed carrying on the conversation. Well, after she got all my class notes from me she admitted having a boyfriend back home. Come to think if it, I saw her on JDATE a number of years back. I sent her a friendly note but got nothing back... again. I just have to laugh at things like this today.
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