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Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
Anyone read it yet? I'm getting around to it...soon.
No,I havent read yet because I couldnt find the book yet. I been looking for the book everywhere since Tuesday. And so far had no such luck finding it! So my only option was to buy it offline on, in which I ordered two days ago. I cant belive I couldnt find the book in stores anywhere, when its brand new release! One of the stores said they have it on order, but wont be there until the next week or so. So I just decied to order it offline and just get it that way. It seems I had better luck that way instead of looking forever for the book. I guess since its not a best seller book, they wont have it or get it to whenever they have a shipment. So it could be a week or more before they decide to put it on shelf. These stores around where I live are so slow about putting new stuff out, even its new. So instead of waiting, I just bought it off of At least I wont have to wait forver to get it like I would have to wait forever for it to come in stores!
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