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Originally Posted by celticarchie View Post
Craft knife wound....arrrrrgh! Whoa, superglue high!!! Peace man...woohooo...stings....

My engineering section is just about complete, the deflector end-cap popped off, but that is nothing major. I made some internal structure with some pieces of dowl, then I filled as much as I could with plastercine, glued it together with superglue, let it dry and filled with more plastercine. So now it's rock solid, much better than having it hollow.

I'm just pioneering a technique I thought of, for the nacelles. Again I want then to be some what solid, but not heavy like they would be with plastercine inside. So I'm trying, filling them up will crumpled up tin/aluminium foil, you know, like for cooking. My hope is that it'll be lighter, but still solid.

Try some of that foam sealant in a can. Be careful not to use too much or "POP".
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