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Originally Posted by vuedoc View Post
It shouldn't be a matter of conquering- this a relationship not a millitary campaign. If she is sincere in what she expresses, then it is worth the wait and you can keep taking it slowly. If she is nothing but a tease, the Internet works just as well and will cost you less. I realize that people in Europe mature more quickly than they do in here America, but I have a hard time believing that a 17 year-old knows what she wants out of life. For any good to come from this, you both have to be in the frame of mind where you can both have fun but neither one gets hurt in the end. If you're prepared to try that, Kaplagh! I was never able to have a successful fling because I get emotionally involved very easily so I always purposely avoided encounters that I knew were doomed to end badly. Needless to say, I was very lonely.
So was I, because of the same reason. I always fell deeply in love with people who were just friends. This girl, however... is different. She said things to me I didn't expect to hear at all because I've never heard them.
I actually think a lot about her and when she writes exciting stuff, my physiological reactions are clear
She told me she's already told her friends about me, calling me her boyfriend.

Originally Posted by That Metal Beastie View Post
She could emotionally older that her years and you may be younger than yours. That would make you more compatible. Consider her parents. I would not be particularly happy or acceptant of a seventeen year old daughter of mine romanticly involved with a twenty-five year old, to say the least. Some fathers could take extreme exception to it, possibly in the form of foot-to-a$$! And consider this- it would better for all involved if your approach is less Klingon and more Betazed. Use both heart and mind and try not to be so hormonal other words, think with the big head not the little one. With thought and care the relationship could ultimately prove to be wonderfully Deltan!
Very nice examples, the Deltan thing made me laugh!!!
She almost behaves like a Vulcan sometimes, in discussions.
Then she shifts to behavior like trying to tickle me...
She already announced me as her boyfriend to her family XD
Her mother was nice and her brothers seemed to like me, but the father was really strange. She told me that he's always like that.
I never think with my glands It actually is her who takes the helm: she suddenly kissed me in the middle of a sentence, she showed me her vibrator, she asked for a massage, ...and I just obey, which is very strange but I somehow enjoy it

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