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My rule is (was) half your age plus 7. Younger than 18 gets you in trouble in my country. It shouldn't be a matter of conquering- this a relationship not a millitary campaign. If she is sincere in what she expresses, then it is worth the wait and you can keep taking it slowly. If she is nothing but a tease, the Internet works just as well and will cost you less. I realize that people in Europe mature more quickly than they do in here America, but I have a hard time believing that a 17 year-old knows what she wants out of life. For any good to come from this, you both have to be in the frame of mind where you can both have fun but neither one gets hurt in the end. If you're prepared to try that, Kaplagh! I was never able to have a successful fling because I get emotionally involved very easily so I always purposely avoided encounters that I knew were doomed to end badly. Needless to say, I was very lonely.

Good luck!
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