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Originally Posted by chator View Post
I hope so. Alot of the writers that have been writing books have been writing for the 'Prime' Universe, I don't think they are all going to suddenly jump on the wagon train that J.J.'s conducting and abandon the 'Prime' Universe.

The book reading audience is different from the movie going audience. It makes sense to create a Trek that will appeal to the Star Wars/Sci-fi Action fans, and the average movie goer, not just Trekkies, but when it comes to books, who largely makes up the readership?
I never cared for Star Wars, and I never will. I already loved Star Trek, and after this movie I love Star Trek even more. I think this movie is way beter than Star Wars. Actually all of Star Trek including the new movie put toghter is way better than Star Wars! Star Wars always seemed so boring and long, but Star Trek was and is always intresting, and not to metion more realstic.Anyways I'm off the topic here. I love the prime universe as well as this new altertintve universe. I have read some books of the prime and still am. I'm actually adding up on the books in the prime universe, mainly TOS because its my most favorite show/movie.However I do have a few TNG books and might get some more of those later.I would love to get books in this new timeline, since there has never been any before. I got so excited about the release of the books related to the 2009 movie, and then here recentaly, they put them on hold. I was really disapointed about that.But they put them on hold because of the interferance with the story line in the sequel. So I hope they will still release the books around after the sequel is out in theaters. I still would like to read them and see what they are like. They seemed to be very intresting, and I hope they still come out. I guess we wont know until the makes of the sequel is in place.
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