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Well at least now I know when I will get promoted. I wasnt sure before of when my rank will change. Its different on other comunity boards/web sites. On the other Star Trek site in the comunity section, I'm ranked as a Comander. I joined that site back in August of last year and within months, I got up to Comander whic is what Im now, at least there. I joined this site way before that one, but really didnt get involved in discusion here until the first part of this month. Anyways, I really love the titles of Comander and Captain, but I hopefully I'll get there eventually. Even though I love to be those titles, I will have to wait until I bulid my post count up. But I want to do it the right way, not the wrong way. After all I'm jut here because I love the movie and I just love Star Trek perod! So it doesnt matter to me. Until I get up to the rank I want, I can just pretend I'm one of those ranks until I'm up there.
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