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Default What to do...

There is this girl... I've met her 8 months ago in a dancing course and haven't seen her for more than half a year. Then on the 1st we wrote each other online and I found out that she is just as lonely as I am. We both have little experience in the complex field of love because we never found anyone.
Some days ago, she wrote me that she fell in love with me back then when we were dancing, but she never dared to tell me. And she claims she still wants me!
She wanted to go see a movie with me and asked whether she could sit on my lap and kiss me then.
We went to see Trek on Thursday (she liked the trailer and there is no other good movie running here anyway, Avatar is sold out) and she didn't want too much physical contact. She quickly escaped from a gentle hug and only wanted me to hold her hand. When I brought her home, she put earphones on and listened to music while I talked to her... (WTF?!)
At her door, I stroked her face and neck, but she turned away. Then the Klingon in me claimed his rightful wrath and I asked her why she doesn't want a kiss. The answer was: "Next time..."
I wrote her that listening to an mp3 stick while the one you love is talking to you is NOT considered to demonstrate interest, on the contrary.
She apologized and wrote that she loves me.

Got any advice?

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