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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
Let us know what you think of the book when/if you read it.
Read it. Liked it.

It took me until chapter two probably to get fully "into" the story -- I think much of the first chapter was kind of skating over the events of and directly following Cardassians, so it wasn't until chapter two that it really seemed to become it's own story, so to speak.

Rugal has been accused of being too "emo" -- Can't recall if that was from anyone here or on another site. Probably somewhere on Anyhow, that is possibly true, but I didn't see it. Think of this: 1. He's a teenage boy (at least at the beginning) who acts like a teenage boy. Teens are "emo" by nature. 2. The situation he is in is one which he hates and does not see any workable immediate solution to find his way out.

I liked some of the original characters. There were occasional times when others like Ziyal seemed a little forced into the story but apart from that no problem. It was an interesting saga and especially to see the path that Rugal took as he grew up. There were parts I would have liked to have seen in more detail, particularly the Dominion War and their reactions to Damar's resistance movement. Although that having been said, finding out about the aftermath for Humans and Cardassians in the Federation (Maquis) colonies particularly was interesting.

I guess there's only so much detail that one can put into a saga.

Strange thing was that there were times when I didn't feel like I was reading about the kid from Cardassians. Perhaps it was changes in Rugal's personality but at times I felt like I was reading about some random Cardassian OC. But I think Rugal is one of those characters who wasn't particularly memorable in himself (I'm talking about in the telly series now) but where the "end" of his story left so many unanswered questions that he was one of those characters I always thought I would like to hear his continued story.

Now if Only someone would write The Continued Adventures of Pel....
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