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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
That would seem a logical assumption. Except for the fact that Bones tells Spock that Dr. Purri was on deck 6. Is deck 6 in the neck? If so, then the size and scale of the Abramsprise would be much closer to that of the original NCC-1701 from TOS. But if you use the size that has been given by TPTB, then the saucer itself could have 10-15 decks. And as far as I could tell, none of Nero's missiles hit the saucer.
The saucer doesn't have to have as many decks as that depending on how much industrial material and 'other space' between decks there may be.

Plus, the saucer also showed damage to the underside of the saucer on the side of the impact - therefore Deck 6, Sickbay and Dr Puri could have all been in that area and nowhere near the neck itself.

Although based on the scale of damage the sickbay being in the neck would seem a logical assumption.

Deck 6 though - could still be the lowest deck of the saucer.
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