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I'm going to watch all those scenes again when I get home from work. I stand by my original asertion that according to what was seen on screen, these rooms are all depicted as being on the same deck. What I need to examine closely are the so-called "jump cuts" to determine if there is a way there could be a trubolift trip in there anywhere. In the case of the Chekov transporter room scene, there couldn't be one. By the time he got on the lift, went to the transporter room deck, got off the lift, and ran to the transporter room, Kirk and Sulu would already have splatterd all over the crumbling Vulcan landscape. And it is still puzzling to me that it took Spock so much longer than Chekov to get to the transporter room when he used the turbolift on the iBridge while Chekov went out the door on foot.
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