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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
I stand corrected. However, the "dome" on top of the Abramsprise is not the bridge dome. According to the viewindow pull-out scene, the iBridge is much lower in the saucer than the dome. Methinks the dome is simply a sensor array of some kind.
I called it the bridge dome because it was a dome sitting on top of the bridge. Now, what that dome actually does is a matter of debate, but the idea of it being a sensor array is in keeping with Matt Jefferies' original design for the classic Enterprise (with a similar dome being directly beneath the saucer section). Both domes would be considered more exterior features than interior ones, IIRC...

Also, the firmentation room where Uhura was seems to be an extremely large room with a very high ceiling. It would appear to be much higher than the ceiling of the iBridge, yet when looking at the impges of the ibridge area on the saucer of the Abramsprise, the iBridge deck tapers down toward the rear from the iBridge which is at the front. In other words, the brewery room won't fit within the physical confines of that deck.
Do we know if that control room Uhura was in was on Deck 1? I actually don't myself--I think it was on a lower deck and what we saw was Kirk, McCoy and Uhura running from a turbolift somewhere farther back on Deck 1 and then onto the bridge.
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